Learn the difference between orthopedist and podiatrists

In this modern era, sports athletes are always on the spotlight and are forced to sacrifice everything into their performance making them vulnerable to career-threatening injuries.  These kinds of sports injuries are usually taken care of either by an orthopaedic surgeon or a podiatrist.  Podiatric centres have come across in many cities across the globe.  Blooming centres of podiatry Parramatta  today is testimony to this fact.

For those who are wondering about the differences between an orthopaedic physician and a podiatrist, the answer is they are same yet they are different in some manner.

Podiatrist Vs Orthopedist:

From an educational perspective, both the podiatrists and orthopedists learn about human anatomy and are trained similarly with respect to the core sciences and other medical specialities.  In that sense, they are more similar than different.  A general orthopaedic surgeon focuses on the medical and surgical management of bones and joints all over the body, whereas a podiatrist specializes in the management of joints and tissues on foot and ankle.  A podiatrist has a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degree as opposed to a MD degree of the orthopaedic physician.

Benefits of Family and Sports Podiatry:

Over the years, podiatric medicine has evolved into various specialities like sports podiatry, pediatric podiatry and nail podiatry.  Other than being the foot and ankle specialists, both in the case of elders and children alike, podiatrists additionally concentrate on the dermatology and biomechanical aspects.  Podiatry Parramatta boasts of a handful of family and sports podiatry clinics having top-notch facilities.

The biomechanical assessment is one of the areas of expertise for which podiatrists are most sought after the world over.  Based on the results of assessments, gait analysis and the way extremities function, a conclusion is arrived at regarding the treatment to be provided to reduce or to avoid any injuries from happening over time.  Sportspersons who are prone to injuries frequently are at risk of losing their careers.  They benefit immensely from the expertise of podiatrists in avoiding injuries with the help of biomechanical assessments.

Another area where podiatrists are specialized is in the field of diabetic management.  People with diabetes are always at risk of wounds and not getting them healed properly due to the loss of blood flow and sensation to the extremities.  Diabetes patients always find solace in a podiatrist on account of their work nature and areas of specialization.

Podiatrists also treat people who are debilitated by slight deformities of their limbs and/or foot by providing them with custom-designed orthoses.

A podiatrist performs a variety of small procedures to correct ingrown toenails, plantar warts and provide the patients with much-needed relief from pain and infection.

In a nutshell, podiatry presents itself as that branch of medicine which adds great value in the standard of lives of the people around the globe.

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