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  Mission Statement:

  • To educate SUV owners and potential SUV buyers about the environmental, economic, and health impacts of SUVs and what alternatives exist in the market.

  • To seek the active participation of other people who have come to realize the danger of SUVs to our country and world, asking them to lend a hand in spreading the word.

This site attempts to provide people with the facts about SUVs. Most people don't take the time to investigate the real impact of SUVs - it is our hope that this site will provide SUV owners with enough reason to make a better decision in the future.

This site seeks the participation of others to spread knowledge of SUVs by providing bumper stickers that will lead SUV owners to this site to learn more about SUVs, as well as to reinforce non-SUV-owner beliefs that SUVs are a menace to our environment. The end goal is to make either audience mad enough to write to their local newspapers or otherwise generate public awareness that eventually coerces auto manufacturers to take note and take real strides in making SUVs safer for our environment.

Here are some more details of our beliefs for this grass-roots movement, which may answer some of the common questions and comments about us:

  1. Do we really think we will make an impact with this movement?

    Yes. There are, of course, other ways to influence government policy and auto manufacturers decisions on SUV fuel efficiency and emissions. For instance, government lobbying, writing papers in respected, intellectual journals, etc. But these take money and other assets we don't have. This is a small, unfunded non-profit organization. And besides, there are other groups doing exactly those things (the Sierra Club, etc.). Our tact is low-cost and aimed at the market (demand), rather than the producer (supply). We firmly believe that even a small (less than 5%) change in consumer buying habits will create enough angst with auto manufacterers that we will begin to see real results in environmental standards for SUVs.

  2. Isn't this anti-American and bordering on commie-liberal propaganda?

    We see our actions as purely American and patriotic. First, we highly value our right to free speech. But more importantly, we love our nation, our nation's environment, and Americans' health and welfare.

    We do not blindly follow everything our government does - this would be un-American, for throughout our history people have been encouraged to voice their opinion and challeng our politics. The US government and auto industry are working against America's environment, health, economics and global politics by continuing to allow the production of severely sub-standard light trucks. In fact, it is easy to see and admit that the government is bowing to the needs of "big business" rather than the American population as a whole. The oil and auto companies are the main beneficiaries of current US policies, not America's environment, its finite resources, nor its physical and economic health.

  3. Do we really think that SUV owners who get a bumper sticker on their truck will change their mind next time?

    Yes, in some cases. Let's face it, some people will just be angry, and will continue to buy their cars in a selfish, irresponsible manner. But we firmly believe that this "in your face" message will eventually affect a small portion of consumers. They can not ignore the message, and it will sink in over time. The next time they buy a car they will definitely take the environment into consideration. If they still buy an SUV, perhaps they will get a smaller, more environmentally friendly one.

    Further, the auto industry is taking note of a growing trend in the market that consumers are starting to demand cars and trucks that have as little impact on the environment, economy and welfare of ouir country as possible. And when a few consumers actually buy cars based on their environmental prowess, the industry will begin to change.

  4. Isn't "tagging" SUVs vandalism?

    In its strictest sense, yes; but our prescribed manner for making bumper stickers creates temporary, and easy to remove WITHOUT damage to SUVs.

    However, we should point out that every SUV is bought without regard to its environmental impact. Another automobile choice would greatly reduce your individual output of pollution-forming chemicals. So, let's turn the question around to you - aren't you vandalizing the environment (i.e., our air - not only yours) by contributing to the SUV blight?

  5. Why SUVs? (Why not lawn mowers, charcoal grills, fur coats, or any/every other liberal cause?)

    Everyone should have a cause and stand up for it. Too many Americans live without participating in society. Remember, this is the land of free speech - which means that you not only have the right to your opinions, but you should feel encouraged to express them.

    As for all the other causes in the world... yes, there are many good ones. Lawn mowers? Use a rotary mower. Charcoal grills? Use a gas grill. Whatever. We certainly can't stand for every cause. We have picked one, and we're sticking with it.