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  The US government and the auto industry actively support the manufacture of SUVs that contribute to Americans' deteriorating health, US dependency on foreign oil, and the increased threat of global warming. All in the name of personal profit and corporate greed.

The light-truck "loophole" allows SUVs to have much higher emissions and worse gas mileage than regular passenger cars. In fact, SUVs and other light trucks are permitted to emit 29% to 47% more carbon monoxide (CO) and 75% to 175% more nitrogen oxides (NOx) than passenger cars.

Raising the CAFE standard for light trucks to equal that of cars (from 20.7 to 27.5 mpg) would save 1 million barrels of oil per day - that's the same amount of oil imported from Iraq and Kuwait combined. (Department of Energy)

Can it be done? Available technology and higher mileage standards could make the popular Ford Explorer a 34.1 mpg vehicle, rather than a 19.3 mpg guzzler, without compromising performance or safety. This "improved" Explorer could emit 43 percent less global-warming pollution and 76 percent less smog-forming pollution and cost only $935 more. Consumers would save several times this at the gas pump over the life of the vehicle. (The Sierra Club)

Switching from a car to a 13 MPG SUV for a year wastes...

This site provides you with the facts about SUVs and why they continue to be made with such disregard to our health, economy and environment. It is our hope that you learn more about SUVs and make a solid contribution to changing their impact - either by not being so quick to buy them in the future, by demanding better autos from your SUV dealer, by writing letters to your local paper, or by participating in this effort by pasting bumper stickers on SUVs owned by the less enlightened.

"We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our grandchildren."